Welcome to Kagumi Beauty Bar!

From state-of-the-art, beautiful eyebrows and lashes helps to define your perfect shape of beauty. Kagumi Beauty Bar with our beauty experts stands ready to offer you the most memorable beauty experience to get your perfect eyebrows and lashes.

``My mission is helping people to know their own perfect shape of beauty and get more confident``

Gummi Arya, Founder

Who We Are

Our founders and owners of Kagumi Beauty are expertists in business and beauty industry. We want to build a beauty bar dedicated to provide make up, brow waxing and styling, and eyelash experience. One of our founder, Gummi Arya is a certified Brow Expert and Make up Artist, also had been professional in various cosmetics brand.

Inspired by the our clients who love our work, we decided to build a beauty bar that providing brow waxing and styling at first beginning. We also have our own fake eyelashes for our customers. Lately, we providing the eyelash extensions to our lovely clients that would love to have their eyelashes always look perfect without the complicated applying fake eyelashes.

Our mission is to make our clients get their own perfect shape of beauty and get more confident with their looks. We believe beautiful eyebrows and lashes is not just a luxury for special occasions, but a daily part of you. We are passionate about providing the absolute best service to our clients. Education is a constant and excellent service is the pursuit.