Lash Extensions Do & Dont

One of the best perks of lash extensions is how easy they are to care for and maintain. They’re also highly versatile. Combine your new lashes with different styles of eye makeup for a wide range of effects, from the natural girl-next-door look to a shimmery red carpet fashion. As long as you follow the eyelash extension care guidelines below, you have complete freedom to really customize your lashes.


  • Keep your lashes clean. Massage an oil-free cleanser into the root of your lashes to loosen dirt and makeup residue, then rinse with water. Pat your lids dry with a towel and let the eyelashes air-dry.
  • Remove all makeup every day, and be sure to skip eye makeup on days you get extensions applied.
  • If you choose to use mascara, make sure it is water-based and only apply it to the tips of your lashes. This makes your eyes really stand out without causing too much build-up at the root of your lashes and where the adhesive is applied.
  • Feel free to swim after your lashes have been in place for a couple of days. Just be sure to rinse off with non-chlorinated water afterward to reduce chlorine residue.
    Get your eyelashes touched up or filled every two to three weeks.


  • Get your lashes wet until the adhesive/glue has set properly, between 24 and 48 hours after application.
    Use any oil-based makeup remover or beauty products around your eyes as this can dissolve the glue.
  • Subject your lashes to excessive steam, like from a sauna.
  • Get them too close to a heat source, like air from a hot oven or blow dryer. Use a cooler setting or let the heat dissipate before getting close.
  • Pull, tug or rub your lashes or expose them to extreme weather conditions.
  • Use waterproof mascara. You won’t need it with your already-luscious lashes, and the waterproof product will be difficult to remove without damaging your extensions.


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